Guest Information

Garden City Country Club
206 Stewart Avenue, Garden City, NY 11530
Clubhouse: (516) 746-8070
Golf Shop: (516) 747-2929

Welcome to Garden City Country Club!

Garden City Country Club is extremely proud of over 100 years of history! As a private club, use of the facilities is exclusive to our members; however, invited guests are welcomed to enjoy and appreciate the club's amenities. Prior to arriving at the Club, it is recommended that all guests acquaint themselves with the information below:

Electronic Devices:

In order to preserve the congenial, uncomplicated atmosphere of Garden City Country Club, the discreet, silent use of electronic devices is allowed. "Ringing" of devices is not allowed in any case. All devices MUST be placed on silent/vibrate mode at all times. Phone calls may be placed in the locker rooms, parking lots or in the phone booth in the Cocktail Lounge only. On the golf course, tennis and paddle courts cell phones should only be used in the case of an emergency.


For its usual house activities, the club stipulates “country club casual” which is defined as follows: Gentlemen are expected to wear trousers or Bermuda shorts cut no higher than three inches above the knee, collared shirts and proper shoes (sneakers are only permitted in the fitness facility, locker rooms, porch, tennis and paddle facilities; metal-spiked golf shoes are not permitted on the property). Sneakers, as part of tennis attire, are permitted on the Patio and Porch. Soft-spiked golf shoes are permitted on the golf course practice facilities, patio and clubhouse. Open toed shoes and sandals are not permitted for men. Shirts may not be worn outside shorts or trousers, unless it is a square bottom, tailored shirt. Gentlemen will remove their hats in the clubhouse and the porch, with the exception of the men's locker room and the 19th Hole. Hats may only be worn with the bill forward.

Ladies are expected to wear slacks, walking shorts, no more than three inches above the knee, and skirts designed for golf. Sleeveless blouses must have collars.

Children are expected to dress in accordance with these rules, however, children under the age of 14 are permitted to wear sneakers on the Porch and the Patio.

Clothing not permitted includes: cutoff shorts; tee shirts, short-sleeve mock-neck golf shirts, tank or halter tops; denim jeans of any color (except on Friday and Sunday evenings in the Clubhouse and Patio, and after 9:00 p.m. on Saturdays in the Cocktail Lounge); gym shorts; cargo pants or shorts; sweat pants and collarless sweatshirts (unless a collared shirt is worn underneath). Open toed shoes, sandals, flip-flops (for men) are not permitted; metal-spiked shoes are not permitted anywhere on Club property.

Tennis attire is permitted in the Clubhouse and on the Patio for Lunch only.

Jackets are preferred for men at the Club; they are not required except for specially advertised events that are held in the Clubhouse.

The management and professional staff will be glad to answer any questions about the dress code.

Food and Beverages:

Members and guests may not bring food or beverages onto the premises unless specifically authorized by the club manager. Alcoholic beverages cannot be purchased for off-premises consumption, and all food prepared by the club must be consumed on club property (save for unfinished meals, which may be packaged and taken home).

Smoking Policy:

Smoking is prohibited in all indoor facilities at Garden City Country Club. Smoking is prohibited on the porch during food service. Members and guests who choose to smoke outdoors on the club grounds or on the outdoor patio are asked to do so in a manner that is courteous to fellow members and guests.

Golf Course Rules:

Golf etiquette will be followed at all times, as well as USGA rules.
Players will always begin at the first tee, unless granted an exception by the starter.

While on the golf course:

  • Divots must be replaced or seeded.
  • Bunkers should be entered and exited from their shallowest point and all footprints raked over.
  • Golf Bag must not be placed on greens or aprons.
  • Ball marks on greens should be repaired.
  • Members/guests will comply with the maximum standard for length of play-that is, four hours for eighteen holes.
  • Sharing of clubs is not permitted; each golfer must have his own set, including a putter.
  • Single players may sometimes be permitted with the express permission of the starter, but they may not hold up groups of golfers, or expect to play through them.
  • At times when play is heavy, the Starter has the right to allow only foursomes on the course.
  • Golfers stopping for a snack at the Halfway House shall proceed without further delay, or lose their priority if the following foursome is prepared to play through.
  • Playing more than one ball is prohibited on the course, and practice is permitted only on the putting green and fairway specified for the purpose.
  • Players who have holed out will leave the green promptly.
  • Proper golf attire must be worn at all times.

Tennis Rules:

  • Courts are available for play during all daylight hours. Sign-up play will be scheduled from 9:00am to 6:00pm during the active tennis season.
  • Scheduled playing time shall be one (1) hour. During periods of light play, the Tennis Pro may modify length of play or require players to “double-up” in order to accommodate additional play.
  • Tournaments, exhibitions and special scheduled events, as authorized by the Tennis Chairman or members of his Committee, may take precedence over regular play.
  • A player who has just had a turn on the court may not take a second turn for 2 hours when other players are waiting.
  • A pair or group whose turn to play has arrived, may pass or exchange its rights to play to the next group in line without losing priority.
  • If during a period of play any substitution or addition of players is made, the concluding time shall remain that of the original players. When your turn to play arrives, the Tennis Pro or his delegate transfers the names of players to the court assignment board.
  • A player not on hand and ready to play and permission has not been granted, shall have their name moved to the end of the sign-up list.
Have questions? Reach out to us.